Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bird of Prey and Daughter!

 Today was a busy day.  

My sister sent me a text message saying she got photos of the Osprey flying over her house.  She sent me an email with the photos.  Her photos were well taken and...well, awesome.  At least what I could see on the small screen.  It wasn't until I got home that I saw just how awesome her photos were.

Photo courtesy of Charissa Perry

Photo courtesy of Charissa Perry

Photo courtesy of Charissa Perry

I got off work and walked outside a few minutes later, only to hear a few kids talking about a loud airplane that had just gone over.  Then I found that indeed an Osprey HAD passed overhead when I spoke to my daycare lady.  I was somewhat disappointed, but left the windows open when I got home so I would hear it coming.  After awhile the chill spring air made me close the windows.  About an hour or so later the house began to rattle and I heard an odd discordant clatter outside.  I nearly fell over the gate, tripped on a toy, and fell down the steps, but I made it.  They were moving fast and I only managed a few pathetic photos.  Still, Ospreys are here!

These VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft are the product of over thirty years of development.  They combine the speed of an airplane with the vertical envelopment capability of a helicopter.  They are horribly complex, but they are a testament to American science and industry.

Before I get too caught up with airplanes (this IS PLANE Truth), I should probably talk about my lovely daughter.  I have been setting her on the sidewalk when we get home lately and she has been walking with my finger in her grip up to the steps, where I help her up.  She has been hesitant, so I have not worried much about grabbing her while I get the bag and toys and things packed into my arms and we head for the house.  Today, I had my camera, and looked around to see where she had moved to.  She was moving with sureness and swiftness RIGHT TOWARD THE HOUSE!  I decided to lag behind and observe.  She hardly paused at the stairs and seemed to look at me like I was being inexcusably slow.

 DADDY!!!  I'm HOME!!

Hi Puppy!!


Lorrene said...

Airplane pictures are awesome.
I wish Chloes care takers from the orphanage could see how well she is doing. I love the way Gypsy greets her. You can tell that dog loves her too.

Charissa said...