Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cretaceous Wednesday!

 We went to the zoo and you'll never believe what animals we saw!
Who would've thunk we would have been staring into this giant maw?
 We were amazed at the size of the animals and the fierceness of their forms!
The scales and claws were awesome, but nothing could compare to these horns!
 Our visit was a journey, a passage, or perhaps it is best described as a long, long trek,
but our time in the Cretaceous would have been nothing without this fellow's neck!
 The zoo is planning to open this dinosaur exhibit at the end of the month, but you could see some of the exhibits from outside the fence.  So I took these photos.

Chloe was fond of the otters.  I think the otters elicited the most reaction from our daughter.  She seemed to think they were a lot like our wonderful Toby.
 I walked down to the water front for a while that evening and took some photos.  Seattle offers SO many opportunities for a photographer.  Maybe I'm just not picky enough, but I see opportunities everywhere.
 be sure to look at other pics from this past week simply by clicking on the header and scrolling.
the long road


Lorrene said...

Those dinosaur creatures look very scary. I wondered if you would get to see them.

deb duty said...

Sounds like fun and your boat photos are beautiful! I would love to get a chance to spend some time with my camera in Seattle.

Erika B said...

My girls just love dinosaurs! They are quite girlie most of the time but their love for dinosaurs is very strong.

Erika B