Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, I hope it's Eggstra Special!

 Chloe watched us color year I expect her to be in the center of things.

This is the Easter goodies she got from the Easter Bunny today.

She LOVES her books.
 And she found the drum fun too...I'm hoping she takes up something like the clarinet or the flute, though.
We had to take pictures of her cuteness to share...whatdya thing?

 And, today we took pictures of her in her Easter dress.

We managed to get a family photo, too!!!


SpunkyBookworm said...

Beautiful pics, and a beautiful family! Happy Easter!

jade said...

I thought she was very cute in the first outfits, but the Easter Princess took my breath away! And she looks as if she wears this kind of dresses every day of the week as well, so confident! Happy Easter! (the eggs looked quite awesome too bye the way - you did a good job without Chloe's help) - greetings from Belgium