Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Cold

It was cold this morning.  The farmers had the sprinklers on.  To freeze water, so I am told, it takes the cold out of the air...thereby warming the fruit trees...ok, I am NOT all that sure of how it works, but that's what they say.

I taught a wonderful bunch of classes today.  The teacher has a good bunch.  I have been lucky, the last few days I have actually seen the teacher and talked to her about the plans.  It's nice.  Also, I know the kids.

Yesterday I was giving a test to some AP Calculus students.  As they were walking in and we were waiting for the bell to ring, the teacher was walking me through how to factor quadratic's been a long time.  Everyone of the students saw what she was doing.  The first part of the morning called for me to show them the answers to their work from the previous week.  As they were correcting their work, I told them if they had any questions, I'd help.  I was referring to the fact that it was nearly impossible to read on the overhead, and if they needed me to read it to them, I could.  One student, who had just watched me struggle to watch and understand a piece of Algebra 1 work, asked, "How'd you get number 9?"  I said, "Did you not just see her walk me through factoring?"  Apparently it did not sink into his brain that my math skills are...lacking.  Still, most of the students know that by now and appreciate me for my humor, good looks, and charm.

It was a good day!


SpunkyBookworm said...

It does work! Keeps them from frostbite, which is worse than being frozen in ice. Glad your day was good.

Charissa said...

It keeps them at 32 degrees instead of below that with the air temp.