Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Good Day

 We began the day by getting groceries.  We managed to get groceries and some time out and about.  And then we came back and worked in the yard some more.  Other plans were cancelled, so we were happy to work in the yard at nap time.  I managed a trip to the dump and Cora managed to clean out both front flower beds and install landscape fabric and she put bark in!  It looks really good!  Cora is a gardening genius as far as I am concerned!

The weather began to turn sour and we both packed it in.  I watched Chloe while Cora worked on her bedroom...Chloe's that is.  Later, I made dinner while Cora fed Chloe and then put her down.  At Cora's suggestion, we had  grilled Chicken sandwiches with grilled Pineapple.  I used an "Orange juice. sesame oil, and vinegar" mixture along with some other spices to make a marinade.  Then I set about the other parts of dinner.  Potatoes and peppers.  The new grill is magic.  I managed a decent dinner.  I added a mayonnaise with tapatillo sauce, lime juice, basil, cayenne pepper, and black pepper.  Then I added cilantro and sweet onion slices to the sandwich along with Dubliner cheese from Costco.  it was...awesome.
 I did not manage any new pictures of Chloe with MY camera, but Cora did.  Check out her blog, she's doing a thing with 30 posts in 30 days...a miracle for her, an afterthought for me.  :-)  She's here.  In the meantime, have a look at my daughter!


Charissa said...

Her tennies are cute.

Anonymous said...

Well have you gone to chef school, sounds like your cooking is as good as your picture taking.
Chloe is as cute as always, love seeing how much she is growing and changing. I wish we could come out to see her in person.
love you guys
Aunt Carol

Lorrene said...

I love those little ponytails.