Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Get Away!

 We left the valley and came to Seattle...after stopping at the outlet mall to pick up a couple necessities for Chloe.  She seemed to enjoy getting out.  She wasn't exactly pleased by sitting in the car seat all the way, but once she was out she was happy enough.  We got dinner and came back to the room.  Cora got her out of her clothes and was going to put PJs on her, but she is a fast mover.  I got these shots during the time she was evading Mom and running wild.
 She climbs like a monkey!  No one helped her onto the couch, and she knows how to descend without injury.
 Mom finally caught her and squeezed her into her jammies.  She was not done looking around though.  She discovered that the curtains can be moved aside...clever girl
 She seemed quite happy with herself...she always does when she thinks she's gotten something over on us.
 She doesn't stop at small things like sofas..."Hey, there's a chair, bet I can climb it!"
 "Seriously, why are you staring at me and holding your camera up for Dad?  Can't a girl just do her thing without paparazzi?"
 This is Cora posting just after Chloe's attempts to escape the crib petered out.
 This is the twilight view from our hotel...we were upgraded!
 And here is the angel...


Kim said...

Tooo cute..
Love that blanket hanging over the side.. ADORABLE is right..
Have a great time..

Anonymous said...

Looks like maybe the rain has stopped,but we know how the weather is in Seattle the sky leaks water.You all have fun at the zoo.Chloe is just so adorable what a Angle !!!!
Aunt Carol

Lorrene said...

I like the little couch potato or I should say couch tater tot.

SpunkyBookworm said...

Love this! Glad she's enjoying everything!
Are you in the U district?