Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Day Rolls By

 This is Chloe showing some spunk!  ...and a new tooth.

Below you see her little stance, which, when seen in person, shows careful walking.  When seen in a photo, it looks like she's saying, "Ok, calm down.  I'm about to do something REALLY cute."  And you know?  Both are right.
 I like this photo...the hat rocks.
I taught some fourth graders today.  I got there a little early and, after reading the notes, decided to go for a walk.  I stepped out into the hallway and there I saw two things:  a pair of students turning the corner and another substitute.  The kids saw me and yelled down the hallway and then picked up their pace.  They were uttering similar sentiments, which in general claimed that I am their favorite sub, the best sub, the most fun person on earth, world's best artist, funniest guy in the state...well, you get the picture.  All of these things said within the obvious hearing of the sub unlocking the door of her room, though I am not sure the girls knew she was there.

Now, I am quite fond of this particular sub.  I would not be exaggerating if I said I think she is an excellent teacher, definitely better than some who have full time jobs.  She and I have taught together on some occasions and I really think we have a good relationship.  She sometimes relates how her own sons speak of me in high terms of praise.  We get a kick out of this.

I looked at the girls and then pointedly looked at the other sub and said, "Ok, let's rub it in just a little bit more!"  Instead of singing praises, I got hugged.  I pried myself out of that and then smiled at the sub, who sort of shook her head but smiled right back.  When I can tease other subs, well, then it's a good day!

I felt this day was somewhat deserved, since yesterday I survived.  It was that first grade class from hell I think I've mentioned.  Yesterday, one child had a particularly bad day, ending his day with me by throwing papers from his desk, laying on the floor, rolling around the floor, telling me "NO." on various occasions and, in general, being contrary and causing a ruckus.  Because of this attitude he went to the office several times.  The last time he flat out refused to go.  I called and they sent someone down to collect him.  Just before she walked in to retrieve him he had put his shoes in the recycle bin.  I got a call from the office a short time later informing me he had been no better in the office and he had been sent home.

Then there are four or twelve others in there that seem set to do evil when I am taking care of the other blow-ups...so, yeah, yesterday I survived.

This bunch of kids today, though, were awesome!  I got time to teach rather than spending all my time trying to keep fires from starting.  So, I taught them a lesson on how to make fractions into decimals and percentages.  They even complimented me by telling me I made it easier to understand than the sub from yesterday.  I had to reteach the lesson he had done.  Since they were good and they even finished a bit early, I showed them how to draw an elephant.

So it was a good day.  When I got Chloe she seemed to want to be held a lot.  Then, just before bedtime she gave Mommy the cold shoulder and went to me...my heart melted.  There's no cure for that.  Of course, she'll want Mommy again in no time, but for now, well, I'm feeling pretty good.

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Great post, cute daughter!