Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ahh, Disproportionate Enigmas

 Let the title speak for itself.
 Here are some photos from the Daycare Easter Hunt for 2011!  Chloe did not get the most, but she got a fair share of the treasures at Daycare!

 Like I've, said, she loves books!
 ...and rough-housing!
But, she'll sit still for a book!
 Here's a picture from a couple weeks...just found it on a hidden card.  Grandma looks happy!
 The next one is Chloe on all her cuteness!
Tomorrow is Easter...I should have a few more photos to share, as for now...well, my eyelids are heavy!

1 comment:

Lorrene said...

Did Chloe and Leah have a knock down drag out. Leah is not looking too happy.

I love the pictures as always.