Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So Washington state has a series of tests it gives to the kids in certain grades. Standardized type. Fine. They guard the tests with a strange array of locks, tags, guards, chemical weapons, and, for all I know, rabid porcupines. You have to go through a certain amount of training to give these tests. I have not done that, so I don't know what kind of training it is, though probably on the safe handling of rabid porcupines. The point is, some of the kids have their own version of what WASL REALLY stands for: Wasting A Student's Life. I thought it was cute, but chose not to comment.

I had been asking the 3rd graders if they got to have syrup with their waffles. Some would give me strange looks, but others understood immediately and told me their WASL did not come with syrup, it was a TEST!! Kids are so much fun!

Yesterday, they were testing at the HS. I was originally slated to work for a 10grade teacher. But my first two periods were layed away to care for 9th graders in a different classroom. What a joy. That wasn't actually so bad, but when 2nd period ended I began getting all the students, both 9th grade AND 10th. The 10th graders went off on their merry little way and I was left with the freshies. Then a series of instructions and counter instructions came and for a few minutes I had one 10th grade student and no others...Finally, I called down to the office, and they said they were straightening it out. I decided to go for a walk. I found all the 10th graders back in their original teacher's room...so, after a few minutes of sending students this way and that to gather wayward charges and paperwork, I finally got down to the business of teaching...it was a very strange morning.

Now, I am looking forward to the same thing again today. This time I might actually know what's going on!


Cora said...

Man now I want Waffles (with sryup Please!)

Grandma Blog said...

Waffles sound good to me too. Especially after the gravy salad I was served in the hospital.