Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ode to a Tomato

You have thin skin.
You're soft, plump, and round.
You are a lovely womb.
You are moist.
and you taste damned good!

Today dawned sunny and crisp, though not crisp like an apple, more like the crisp one finds in hard taco shells, but with more light and a soft, cool breeze. Yeah, like that.

Cora was, and still is, suffering from her cold. She did not sleep as soundly as I did. We did not end up moving very far before ten this morning...something I am sure we will not be enjoying this summer.

When we did finally get moving, we went to town and got some groceries. As we were walking through Costco we were met with yet another member of my fan club. I was talking to Cora about the freezer section when I heard an almost exasperated call of my name. Like I should have been on the lookout for this particuar was kind of cute. Cora just chuckled.

Later on this afternoon we were comeing home. We were on a two lane road and a car passed us. I glanced up to see two kids busily waving at meover their seat backs. I returned the waves with a smile and jaunty wave. Ah, the price of stardom.

We came home and I made my chicken enchiladas. They were pretty good. That's when I found the tomato. It tasted sweet, but, well...I love summer tomatoes. So, it feels like I am cheating on the summer you suppose they'd be jealous?

Oh, and I forgot, in the excitement, to mention something I got for my birthday. Something I think I will treasure forever. They look like lillies, but they are actually the hand prints of my niece and nephews! I think they are spectacular. I'd like to say thank you to Emma, Eli, David, Carrie, and Scott! Thanks, you guys!


Cora said...

What a beautiful day! I just wish I felt better to enjoy it

Grandma Blog said...

Those lilies are beautiful. Just beautiful. Your little relatives must like you a bunch to go to so much trouble to make a nice bouquet like that.