Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Praise for Music Teachers

Yesterday, I subbed for a music teacher. She's great and always leaves nice non-musical plans, that is, I don't have to play anything more complicated than a CD player. She usually puts on a spring and fall program and does lots of other stuff with the kids. Lately, though, I have more respect for her. She has these African instruments, probably 20 or 30 of them. Some are big, some are small. You are still waiting for why I have more respect for her, aren't you? Well, the kids come in at various times during the day to practice. Did you get that? PRACTICE, that means not all of them are good. Or even if they are good, it would be difficult to tell from the cocophony of sound and notes booming out from all the other wonderful, LOUD, instruments. I suppose it is just that none of it was in harmony...no, that's not true. A few of them would play together and you could almost hear them over the others.

I guess I have become used to the relative quiet of the classroom and the (what's another word for formless, tuneless, loud, cocophony)... it was just a strange assault to the ears. It was like no other sound. Oh, I managed to get stuff done and prepare for the next class, and I suppose I could got used to it, but WOW! So, I take my hat off to all music teachers, because I am sure when your kids practice it must be hard for you to concentrate.

I got a few more paintings further along last night. I got one finished and I will show it tonight. A few others are further aong. I hate it when I get to a spot where I realize this painting is just not working like I thought it would and then I have to go back over it. For example I had planned on doing an elephant in a forrest, but decided the background wasn't good enough. So, now there is a different background...third try. Ah well, they all eventually turn out...I don't give up until they do.

Oh, I shipped out my first painting yesterday! "The Red One" is now on its way to its new home. Cora and I both had grown accustomed to it hanging on the wall. I guess I will just have to make another.

Monday is over, where is Friday?


Grandma Blog said...

I had never thought of what music teachers have to go through before in my life. I see what you mean. It must border on torture.

Cora said...

Listening to loud, angry music today in your Honor!!!!