Monday, April 27, 2009

Left Overs.

This weekend was nice. The weather cooperated yesterday and gave me nice day to work in the yard. I tilled the garden, finally got the electric fence going, mowed the lawn, and cleaned up a bit. I made some delicious Smoked chicken yesterday evening, which we had on our salad. Cora made dresses and a bag of some kind. I painted a little...not as much as I should.

I sat out there checking the chicken from time to time and reading a book, occasionally looking into the sky to identify an airplane flying overhead. I would then run inside and look at my computer. I had "Flight Aware" on and could get an idea of which flight it was. Also, it tells you what kind of airplane it is...and I was 1 for 5 by the end of the afternoon. I knew I was looking at a 747, but the others...well, scale is a issue, and I can't tell one 2 engine passenger plan from another when they are at 30,000 feet.

Cora and I went for a walk the other evening down to the park. It was a nice walk.

Last weekend Emily came up for the Pampered Chef party. Here she is in front of her monster truck. Actully, for as big as it is, it drives alot like a car. I was impressed with all the gadgets and doohickies.

Today, I teach music. Which is to say, I play a CD player and join in the dancing and general craziness. Unfortunately, I don't have a lick of musical knowledge. Still, I am very enthusiastic, which makes up for my inability to read music. I do know the whole hand/notes thing...which came in handy last week. The kids seem to enjoy my antics nonetheless and I suppose that is the main thing.

I put up a new accident report on my other site if you are interested. It is about an F-106 Delta Dart that crashed near Spokane. Of course, it isn't a NEW report, it is rather old, happened in 1961. I have been in communication with several people in the aircraft community and will have no shortage of posts, though, sometimes those posts take longer than expected to write.

Here is Cora at her Mom and Dad's house. Their lawn always looks so nice!

I hope everyone else has a good Monday...oh, yeah, did I mention I am thankful for late start?


Grandma Blog said...

You get the best pictures. I didn't know Emily had a new truck. Cool !!!!

Cora said...

It was a good weekend but not long enough!
I think everyone should have a late start on Monday.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like a great weekend..
Great photos..
Have a great day..