Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Here is how Toby spent Easter Eve...on my chair. It's a Dog's life.
He seems to enjoy my chair, especially when I'm not in it. Note the remote, I think he was going to watch Animal Planet, but fell asleep.

We went into town and found, to our delight, that a Coral shipment had come in to a local pet store. So, for part of Cora's birthday gift, we bought some. They were really very reasonable.

We got the bright colored coral, referred to as a Cauliflower, and the candy cane, the one with the branches. We also got a mushroom, not pictured. The Crab has been with us, but he rarely shows up for a photo opportunity, and he was in rare form today.

note the one closest to the camera has two mouths, it is about to split.

I think he is saying, "Happy Easter." ...or maybe, "this is my rock! Stay back!"


Cora said...

Happy Easter! Thanks for the early Birthday gift they are very cool!

Grandma Blog said...

Happy Easter to you too. The coral is beautiful. The old crab is even pretty. My very favorite is Toby,the sleeping beaut.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy Easter...
Hope you had a great day....
The corals are sooo pretty..
and the crab is tooo funny..