Saturday, April 11, 2009

FFFF #22 and More!

It is not Friday, but I was lazy. I have here for you, another photo of the daffodil I photographed the other day. Still, the theme is hard to argue with. Anything goes. So, here it is, a daffodil. I took it with the macro setting on our little Canon Digital Elph. It has worked well for us, though I would love to have a Nikon or Canon digital SLR. Still, we need to use our money for more mportant things right now, like an adopton!
So, if you like this one, go have a look at Diana's blog! She will have several people signed up for the same thing. She's a genius at putting blogs together and recreating them into something pretty cool. Cora has experienced her prowess with the blog and so has Grandma!
OK, that's out of the way. How was my week? Not bad. I got to teach at the intermediate most of the week. One of the things that makes my day is when students call out to me in the hallway. It's not much, I suppose, but being liked is nice. What really made my day was that I kept getting multiple requests for the same day. There is nothing like feeling needed.
Now, what are our plans for the weekend? I suppose just to relax and work around the house. I know Cor has some dresses that she plans to work on. I have a few paintings I should finish. I also have some aircraft crash stuff to organize and put into a three ring binder...that is actually something I am looking forward to. I may also work in the yard. Maybe take a load of trsh to the dump. Change the tre on the Buick...again. and basiclly get the back yrd ready for summer and habitation by a small person.
Hmmm, should I begin building the plywood airplane now? I think it would makea great kid toy and a conversation piece, plus Cora could not tell me it is just junk when it is intended for the kid! Hah! That'll stump her!
May your weekend and Easter be fun and filled with family!


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for participating!

Cora said...

Love those pictures someday you will have the camera of your dreams but in the mean time you do pretty well with the one we got.

I am really looking forward to a weekend of getting stuff crossed off my list!!