Monday, April 13, 2009

Pictures From The Past Week

This is a Lady Bug I painted this weekend as an attempt to make something for girls...I have difficulty with this, since I am a BOY!

I found some Absinthe at the liquor store...I wanted to try it. It isn't bad, but it's alot like drinking liquid licorice!
Our flowers are blooming. The Tulips just popped up.

and the daffodils and the hyacinths.

I didn't get a job this morning, so I stayed home and worked on the house. I decided o clean behind the refrigerator...should have found something else to do...what I thought would be a quik job turned into an hour of hard labor. YUCK.
I did get outside a few times. The weather was a great mix of things. Most of the time it was sunny, but sometimes it was dark and nasty.

Sometimes it was drk and nasty a few miles away and sunny here. This is for you Edna!

My in-laws got a new car! It's awesome.
We went over there for Easter dinner. We had turkey! It was wonderful.
Cora is ready for some turkey!

We had this Saturday. The Tomatoes had a little balsamic and sesame oil on them. The meatloaf had bacon on it, and the asparagus was great with garlic and ginger. YUM YUM!

I dropped some coffee off with she is looking pretty Pretty at work.

The END.


Cora said...

Are you happy I looked at all of your pretty photos? Even the one of me that is not so pretty. I was going to point out that your weather pictures did not feature Edna's house this time but you did not disappoint, LOL.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like a great day..
Love the photo of the ladybug.. good job..
Have a great week..
Love the end....