Friday, April 3, 2009

Birthdays and Recent News

It's been a busy week. I've posted, but not many pictures...I tried to fix that tonight.

My Birthday was Monday...yep thirty-five. Still, at least I am younger than Erin!

I worked Maintenance this week. I got up and left by 7 each morning; a bit earlier than one does for substitute teaching. I have been forced to do physical labor. As a normally functioning American, I avoid exertion, so this "physical labor" thing is more than a little disconcerting. Now I get to rest!
We got a referral for a baby boy in Burundi. It looks as though we may be leaving shortly after school ends. We don't have a bunch of information on him, but we are looking forward to every morsel our agency gets. It's only taken 9 1/2 years...but we may yet become parents! Oh, Happy Day! Oh, and to all those who have congratulated us and linked to us on your blogs, thank you!

Toby continues to try to ignore his pending obscelecence and maintains that his proper place is between us and the computer...wait until he sees BB!

The weather has been weird. Wind. Rain. Snow. Hail. Sunshine. Here are some photos of the hail we got last night...bigger than peas. And it sounded like a freight train on the roof!

note the streak in the passenger door of the car. Also the streak between the bumper of the truck and the hose...

Amazing. I know that people from the midwest have seen bigger hail, but I have also lived through a volcano, blizzards, earth quakes, and floods. When you've had all those, then we can compare the size of our hail. So, BRING IT!

I made flank steak rolled around feta and Spinach for dinner. I added a bit of bacon wrapped around that, and it was...YUMMY!

We meant to go celebrate Ryan's birthday( brother-in-law) with him tonight, but, the referral has us wanting to get things done around the house. Also, Gypsy has escaped twice this week. I need to put in an electric fence so we can fry the stupid dog. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!!!! I know that if we went down and celebrated with you, we'd end up staying way too late and enjoy ourselves way too much. We would not want to leave and so we probably would get home sometime Sunday evening. We would not get anything done and we need to do that! Cora is also still suffering from her cold...You should see the color of her snot! So, it is definitely best if we stay home, despite our wishes. Happy Birthday my friend!


Cora said...

Well since I am not sharing the color of my snot Visually lets just say it is florescent.

Yippee On the referral I just hope all goes well and we are finally parents!! It has been a long time coming!

Lets just hope I can organize that stinkin dr letter next week!

Love you!

E said...

First.. I am only 1 month and 3 weeks older! When I am 100 I will be bragging to you and your wife from the next chair as be both get blood transfusions that I am 100 and you are not yet, and that I got my social security first.(If it is around by then). Second.. I have lived through all of what you stated plus tornado's and hail the size of a golf ball. I never saw the baseball sized, except on the news. I would not even count that liitle stuff that is fluffy as hail.. Third.. I am sooo happy for you guys that I was talking about it at work.

Grandma Blog said...

You and Erin are mere babies compared to me.
Baby days are almost here. I am so happy for you. I know you'll be wonderful parents.

Edna said...

Hey, I missed the hail storm! Was gone to take Tim somewhere for just 20 mins or so. I like the way your weather pictures usually have our house in Oh, and I wish I could complain about being 35 again. So happy that things are finally moving along on the adoption.

Anonymous said...

Hey, was Cora's snot "chewy" like your niece explained a couple of days ago to me. If Cora would like to ask questions about this cold thing just ask Emma. She is an expert about it. I wonder just what David and BB will do when they get together. BB has a built in cousin of the right age. Jim, we really-really can't hardly wait to see you together as a family. Our love and happiness for you goes beyond the limits of possiblities.(oh for a spell check here) Love mom

Grandma Blog said...

I thought about that little cousin too. I'll bet they have lots of fun together.