Thursday, April 2, 2009

Missed Opportunity

I should have told you all I was leaving blogland yesterday...oh, well. Maybe if I had thought of it before midnight I might have done it. Maybe next year.

So, I have been working the past few days. I hve done odd jobs around the district. I hve moved science kits, boxes, desks, and taken a load to the dump. I can keep myself busy and that seems to be a good thing. Since I have keys to almost everything, I don't have to ask for help. Its actually kind of fun.

So, if you have been to Cora's blog you know we received a referral for the adoption. It is a boy. Kwizera Louis. about a year old, definitely under two. He is in Burundi and we may be leving to get him as early as June or July. The details are fuzzy just now. We will be the first family to adopt from Burundi through our agency. We don't know much about the baby, so keep checking back at Cora's Blog for more info as we get it. Yes, we are excited!

Yesterday we had wind, rain, and little bitty snow flakes. Stupid Global Warming.

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Anonymous said...

Will try to watch each blog for information. We are thrilled about the little one. Mom