Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Weather

I taught kinders today. They were great, but what was interesting about the day was the weather. It began a bit overcast. As I walked toward the classroom, though, there was a breeze that made me wonder if I should have brought a parka. If the breeze didn't do it, about 9:30AM it began snowing. BIG FLAKES! It did that for about an hour without sticking, then it stopped. It was wet and kids came in from recess with soaking shoes. I let them take their shoes off...a rare thing for Mr. H. I tied more shoes today than I care to count.

Then, about 2:45PM it began to hail. No, not hail. HAIL! It started soft, and I calld the kids away from their work to watch it. Then it got harder. I decided this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We stepped out and watched it come down, with lightning in the background. I gathered a few pieces of hail to show the kids. Then it got HARD! It a space of minutes the ground was covered in little snowballs the size of dimes and marbles. The roofs of nearby houses looked to be covered with snow! The kids loved it. I enjoyed it.

I did not have a camera at school, but when I got home I took pictures of the front garden. Our bleeding hearts seem to have weathered (Pun?) the storm.

Look at the size! I know it isn't anything to Great Plains' hail, but for around here...well, it's the biggest I have seen here.

I love the cloud formations that movedthrough the area. I wish I had a better camera.

I posted my paintings on Cora's blankets and stuff blog. Have a look! They are for sale!!!! BUY 'EM!!!!

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momtoo said...

:Hey maybe I get to first this time. We didn't get that kind of hail but it did try to snow. No white on the ground though. Dad got a shot in his back today and is laying down. I am checking out my kids blogs and enjoying a little down time. This weekend I will be at a ladies converfence in Portland. Dad will be let lose in Oregon. Oh NO! Watch everyone. Love you lots. mom