Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful Darned Day

I had the pleasure of teaching first graders today. I enjoyed it. I usually do. I went through the usual complaints about So-and-So doing this or saying that. "So-and-So said a bad word." "So-and-So has a toy in his backpack!" My usual response, as I have mentioned, is usually half-hearted and semi-commatose. Today at lunch, though, I heard a unique complaint. "Mr. H, Kevin is making fun of himself, and its bothering me." Huh? What the? Ahh, they are so sweet, except for the taddle tales, who are frickin' comedians.

It has been a gorgeous day! Summer-like! It is, as I write this, 73.4 degrees out there! I am wearing shorts! I was going to take a picture of our backyard to show you, but it looks like a dung heap. I will, instead, show you picures I took of something growing out of the dung heap I call a backyard.
Cora liked these so much she suggested printing them out...what do you think?


Cora said...

Awesome day and I love the pictures tobad i was not feeling up to enjoying it.
maybe tomorrow

Grandma Blog said...

Perfect day !!!!

Love the flowers.