Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back By Popular (Grandma's) Demand

FYI: I tried to post earlier today, but the computer tried to eat my shoelaces. Then it got it's hard drive in a knot and I had to reboot. Honestly, if I had everything backed up, and a thousand dollars, I might give it the boot...several times.

Last time I posted it was Cora's birthday...which, let me see, plus one, carry the two, multiply by 24, then drop the "a" and subtract five...that's three days. I know I usually ost everyday, but things have been, well, not quite busy, but constant. I have sold several paintings, several of which are requests. I am finally beginning to hold up my part of the bargain. I sold my spaceship painting!

This is Cora leaving for work on her birthday...shortly before realizing her tired was low.

This is Cora after she got home, talking to her favorite Niece, who had called to wish her a happy birthday (We suspect she was also calling to make sure we were not having cake without her).

Thursday I taught 3rd graders. Have I mentioned my strange affinity for third graders? Maybe I mentioned that I like sixth graders, too. Or maybe it was fifth. I guess I just like kids. They sure seem to like me for some weird reason. I still can't walk through the hallways without vociferous and multiple enthusiastic greetings. I saw one of the third graders today at the book store. I was pleased with myself because I remembered her name! What was cool was that when she saw me she was so pleased and she had point out her substitute to her parents, who smiled bemusedly and waved at me, too.


Friday, I was in SPED! I like those kids. It was not a movie Friday, however, for reasons beyond control. Still, it was a good day. Of course, it is the ladies there who come and go during the day that make it possible for me to survive. Nevertheless, I was pleased to see the busses come and take the kids home.

Last night, I worked on a painting or two. I finished one that I am pleased with. It is a painted version of a chalk drawing I did about 12 years ago. I was always proud of it and I gave it to my best friend's widow. Later, we visited her and she showed us how it looked matted and framed. I was appalled that someone thought something I had made was worthy of framing. It looked good! So, I made this one. This one is ear-marked for some family member in the Portland area.

This morning we awoke bright and early. We had an appointment with pre-history...or maybe it's pre-pre-pre-history...anyway, we descended into the depths of the Cretaceous, Triassic, and Jurassic, though not necessarily in that order. We went to "Walking With Dinosaurs!" It was really cool. Here are a couple short videos. I was having isues with them earlier, and had to let the computer reboot(See above). Now my computer appears to be a bit less moody. Of course, I began this post early and it is now 11:45PM and the video is still loading... Ok, it isn't working...nevermind.

This last picture is of Cora and I in the back seat of her Mom and Dad's new Volkswagen (Don't tell them what else we did back there, I don't think they were watching). Here we are just looking like the cute couple we are...but we can be...well, romantic.

This afternoon we went shopping. I bought some more canvas for paintings, since business is pickig up. Cora got some more fabric and is presently working on yet another project...this one promises to be cute beyond belief (but don't tell her, I gave her a good load of guff at the store about it). We also got some groceries.

We came home and relaxed...I should say she worked and I relaxed. We decided we should go in to the bookstore because it had been awhile since we had reminded ourselves of how bad Borders is in comparison to Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble (Tri-Cities) is an awesome book source. Borders (that accursed bookseller that bid lowest, I suppose, that came to Yakima) does not have much of anyone. I suppose it could be because I have interests that differ from the norm of Yakima...apparently I am a Tri-Citian at heart. There is, afterall, a higher percentage of ex-naval personnel down there...since Naval Submariners are known for their atomic/nuclear prowess, and Hanford is so close. Or, maybe, it is just because Borders sucks. Either way, we bought a couple of half-way decent books and came home.

Now we are watching a cool Modern Day Pirate show on the the History Channel. Life is good...

Oh, and I want to belatedly congratulate Grandma on her return home from the hospital! Hurray!!!!

On that note, I bid you all good night!


Grandma Blog said...

Thank goodness you're back in blog land. I thought a space alien may have gotten you, but you've just been busy. I'm happy to hear about your painting sales getting off the ground.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like you have been busy....
Love the painting.
but I think all of them are good..
one day I will get one.. just not sure what I want due to room decoration..
Have a great Sunday..

Cora said...

I had alot of fun yesterday, sorry your video did not load.

Glad you did not leave the blog world forever LOL. That is what you get for posting almost everyday. I make sure I leave gaps so people expect that from me.