Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Advance of Twilight Brings Shadows.

Cora and I began the day as we have the past few days, that is, with extreme laziness. It was nice. Finally we got moving. I wanted to leave a treasure hunt for my family and Cora came along to aid me in my endeavor. We put one out for my dad and then stopped by to say hi and drop off the coordinates. I also wanted to leave one for my sister there. Worked out perfectly.

While we were there talking with my mom, my dad called...he had been out setting up a treasure hunt for us...figures. So, we waited around and then went off on our treasure hunt after he got back.

Here are some pictures I took whilst attempting his. (It was cut short by accute darkness) I uploaded them to my photo editor program, which took FOREVER. I adjusted and prodded and, I think, improved them a bit.
This snag was apparently a VERY LARGE tree at one time...but it got burnt out...and I very nearly had a hear attack at the time. I crossed a field and was pressing through some very deep weeds when I felt the ground cave beneath me, I glanced down and saw a badger heart raced when I imagined the welcome a badger might extend to an uninvited guest. Then I realized it had not been inhabited for probably a year...phwew!! (Who knows what kinds of tea a badger would serve...and would he keep sugar on hand?)
It was in a semi-grotesque shape, apparently frozen in a moment of agony. That or it is a sculpture of a Dr. Suess fish jumping...Quite a play of positive an negative.
Then I took this one in the rapidly advancing twilight (no relation to the book that Cora is, as I write, buried in). By the time I had arrived at the next leg of the hunt, shadows had advanced across our great valley, and I retreated.
When I got home, I realized I need a bigger zoom, since the really interesting part of the photo was this:
But, our tiny camera is no low-light goddess, and I am not the steadiest bipod (you thought I would say tripod, but I am no Patrick). I think it looks better as a painting.
This has been a very relaxing holiday weekend...and I got to spend it with my favorite person...Cora!


Grandma said...

You have some interesting pic's there. Beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing.

Cora said...

Man I thought this post was going to be about my books! Oh well your pictures are worth the breather from reading. I love you!
Thank you for a great weekend.

Cora said...

tag your it, LOL.