Sunday, November 23, 2008

Laser Designator and LEDs

What to say? We were exceptionally lazy this morning, but, looking back at the past few Sunday posts, I think that just may be our norm. We did eventually roll out of our chairs and get dressed. We even cleaned the house (a woman screams and swoons in the back of the audience). Now, now, don't get your hopes up, we vacuumed and picked up (moans) a little(more moans).

We did go to town. We found some sales and bought a few Christmas presents(I hope you ll want Toilet Paper for Christmas!). I also found some battery operated LED mind flashed(get it?FLASHED? LIGHTS?) to my model spaceships. So, tonight, I worked at building a ship that might incorporate these nifty little LEDs. What do you think? This is an engine nacelle:

The deflector of the starboard engine has not been glued on yet, so it looks, um, not quite right. Actually, you will need to use ALOT of imagination at this point. Trust me, it WILL look like a spaceship...eventually.
Yesterday, as I related, we found some treasure left by my BNL and Sister with our GPS. One of the pieces of treasure was a combination laser pointer/flashlight. I played with it for a bit, then Cora noticed it and stole it. She then proceeded to point out every little thing to me. "Jim, I want you to tke THAT bottle of wine and refill THAT glass." Everytime she said THAT the laser was designating it, in good military fashion, as though a laser guided bomb might be coming in. Unfortunately, she was not worried about "friendlies," and actually seems to prefer to designate frindly targets. "Look, THAT's a camera!"

The dog has become a fan of cop docu-dramas and is familiar with the laser pointers attached to SWAT guns...see how he attempted to play dead?
Cora did some laundry and decided to play Ghost, but she is NO Patrick Swazey and we don't have a clay turning least she did not sing "Henry The Eighth I Am." This is as good as it got:

See the strange orbs in the next photo? I think it's proof of dust, but Cora considers them ectoplasmic in origin. (I am going to stop recording Ghosthunters!)
Instead of dinner, we chose to try some of the cheeses I purchased on Thursday, and little bit of BBQ pork. One of them was APPLEWOOD smoked and handrubber with Paprika! Mmmm-mmm good!!! Note, Toby is just outside of the range of my kick...he's a smart one.
Thus, it has been a nice, relaxing day. As ever, Sunday is TOO short, but that, too, appears to be the norm.


Cora said...

Too short although all in all a good day. Too bad Monday comes after Sunday.
But only 3 day, 4 hours, 22 minutes and 34 seconds until Thanksgiving.
and no I did not make up that time I checked.

Grandma said...

How spooky ooooooooooo !!!
You can't do anythink that shocks Toby anymore He just sleeps thru it.