Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hmmm, you would expect me to be more excited. I am proud that America has finally elected a minority member to the white house, but I think it would have been more historical to put a woman in the white house. Cora reminded me that black men got the vote first...yes, I think the country is far more sexist than it is racist. That is merely an opinion I have gained from living here in the west. I make no claim to have an overwhelming knowledge of other regions of this great big country, so it may be different where you live. I have noticed that women most often get the short stick, though (forgive the pun)

So, President Elect Barack Obama...That does sound different from his forebearers.

As you may have guessed, the election coverage is what we watched tonight...Alas, there was nothing else on.

McCain's concession speech was well spoken and proud.

Obama made a similarly well-spoken speech. Neither candidate has the same speech impediment that our present president seems to suffer from; that's comforting.

It was just downright cold here today. Wind blowing off the recently snow covered mountins...I hate winter.


Erin said...

I feel the same. I just don't know about this. On the other hand he did mention another economic stim check. I'm ok with that. I see it this way, no matter who is in office I am still going to be paying taxes and struggling to survive.

Cora said...

Although I think that all things are cyclical and no matter who was elected we would see change, I think that it is an exciting time in history. I would like to seewhat a woman in that office could do other countries have had women leaders and they have not fallen. No matter what we are moving forward.