Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Art of Revenge

I taught art today. The kids were fun. Many of them have had me before. I think they all enjoyed art today. At the end of each session, I had them play a game my grand dad taught me. One person draws a squiggle and the other makes a picture out of it. Simple, but I was not even ten, yet! I liked that game, ok, so give me a break! Well, I had the kids do some shapes that I put on the board. They did pretty good. The thing is, they had fun...and I think art ought to be fun.

It was interesting to see how many were excited by last night's election.

I guess that's all I have for now.

Except, I hate my friggin' "A" key. I have had several sentences tht looked lot like this. I hte this dmned "" key. I hve to go bck nd stb the "" key relly hrd! And still it doesn't show...stupid thing.

Well, I am watching "Great Planes" on the military channel...Cora said I could watch whatever I wanted...HAH! That's what she gets for making me listen to Oprah!

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Lisa said...

Jim...I finally did the TAG...thanks for you patience, friend! And hey, sorry about your a key. Tht's bummer.