Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Disappointment Haunted all of My Dreams...

Day two, no sub jobs. Stupid schools and conferences. I did work today, just in the maintenance department. It was a good day. I am tired. I helped the electrician replace many florescent light ballasts at the HS. I then used my metal detector to find the cap to some 20,000 gallon fuel tank that they plan to dig up, but did not know exactly where it was (It was more luck than metal detector finesse). And then I mowed a lawn.

I got home and was pooped. Dinner? I opened the fridge and let Cora choose her own leftover. I had carrots and dip. Also, I was suddenly and inexplicably cold. The temperature in the house was soon set at 75 and still, under a blanket I was chilled.

I finally got warmed up and felt like a little more to eat. I mixed up some asian style mustard, poured some sesame seeds, and sliced up some barbequed pork. We both had a drink and we were getting comfortable for the night watching TV and surfing the blogs. Then it happened.

Our agency director chose that moment to send us an e-mail.

Not just any e-mail.

A disappointing e-mail. Seems like we don't get any other.

Oh, and let me just state, there are only about four families waiting on Burundi. Obviously making a personal phone call was out of the question, due to the logistics of calling SO many people. (Maybe he was just nervous that difficult questions might be raised...or maybe he has a bad long distance plan. Maybe I should tell him he can call collect... )

And what was this news, you ask? Well, to understand it, you'll need to know this: A week or so ago he announced (via this convenient e-mail thingy) that, in about three weeks, the Bishop from Burundi would be coming to the angency office and he would probably be bringing dossiers! We were both very excited!

Maybe we will become parents afterall!!!?? Maybe we won't be in a nursing home when our kids graduate!! Hurray! A ray of hope!

How cool would it be to spend Christmas in Burundi? We spent a week or so thinking good things. (Yeah, I didn't mention it on the blog, but, I am male and these things need time to ruminate in the back of my brain. I don't need to expain this to other men, they just grunt and get it...[this explanation is for the girls])

OK, the bad news (I am going to use a blogger technique I have seen recently that appears to call attention to each word, therefore making the statement somehow more meaningful, I hope it works, as there seems to be no way for me to communicate my anguish. ): The. Bishop. is. NOT. coming.

Should have known. Disappointment is such a familiar emotion around here in the kid department.

Maybe we should just buy another damn dog.

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Cora said...

"I'm a beleiver," well I hope that we are singing that soon. We will get through but I fear we need a Mack truck to plow the BS!
Welcome the the world of International Adoption the "easy" way to have children, WHATEVER.
At least we have each other.
I love you.