Saturday, November 22, 2008

GPS Fun And Family

My dad and I had arranged to go geocaching together for awhile today. He came and picked me up. We went up on one of the hills and began looking. We trudged through underbrush and through a stream and through underbrush and up hills and through underbrush...did I mention the underbrush? I am convinced that the wild rose vines were there just to snag parts of my anatomy. My dad came away with some scratches on his cheeks that at least he could explain away as cuts from shaving. I, on the other hand, came away with scratch NOT easily explained by shaving. One does not normally (at least to my knowledge) shave their forehead...

We still did not find it, and we should have, because it was supposed to be a 5 gallon bucket. I found it five years ago and it is still listed! It has to be there, but after a few too many close calls with thorns and slippery leaves, we surrendered.

We finally gave up. My dad had not been up in that area, and so I drove him along next to the firing center...which is where he rolled down his window and we stopped. The guys at the firing center were shooting what surely was a .50 caliber machine gun. Awesome! Have a listen, you may need to turn your sound up! Oh, and you may hve some trouble determining the difference between the machine gun fire and the wind...who knew?

Then we went and found a cache that actually existed! This one was at an altitude of 2800 feet and it had a gorgeous view!

While my dad and I were up there, though, my beloved sister ad BNL (Brother-in-Law) were busy. They had laid a series of geocaches for Cora and me. My dad headed for home and Cora and I began our trek.

At one of the points, we were looking all around a bush on the side of the road. A lady came out of a nearby house and said something. She finally came over and asked if we were on a scavenger hunt. We said, "Yes..." She told us her husband had seen some people looking suspicious and went to see what they had left in a was a bottle wrapped in tape. He thought it might be drugs and called the sheriff...who came and opened it. When he found no drugs, he kept the bottle and left. Bastard. So, we called my sis and got the appropriate coordinates from her.
Cora is always beautiful, see!??!
When we finally got to the park to look for the next one, we noticed some familiar faces. My BNL and the kids were there. We said, "Hi." and kept looking. We eventully ended up coming back to the park two more times! We criss-crossed the entire town several times. The final cache was in the back alley. They had us confused and going the wrong way a few times and we even inadvertently did two twice, thinking we had not done them yet...yeah, vengeance will be fun! It was fun, though. We had a great time. The sweets at the end and the laser pointer were great!

Cora and I went and got a couple burgers for dinner and are now relaxing, coming up with great ways to get back at them...MWAH-HA-HA-HA!!!!! Ahhhh, Sweet Revenge! I think it was our fault we got confused...some of the clues got separated from the coordinates...but the fact remains, we gotta get even...right?


Cora said...

too bad we did not get better pictures, oh well at least we got them all by dark.
It was fun as usual.

sister said...

Great fun!!! Sorry about the lack of stealth-- this red hair and minivan shouts to the world "dealer druggy gangster lady".

Oh, and as for revenge, you can't-- this was the revenge for yours-- unless of course you forget MR. 8 mile trek guy out to coyote land.

Have a great night.

Anonymous said...

I must say that you can't trust those Paparazzi! I was peacefully trying to get online with my NEW I Phone! (Did I mention that I got an Iphone and my son has oldworld technology? Read this as NO Iphone!) the trouble was that my son took me to the outer fringes of cell service. And so everytime I'd get online, he'd move the car a few feet and lose me what precious little signal I could obtain. (Nasty kid! I think he's trying to get back at me for all those chessgames he has lost over the last few years! Anyway, what with one thing and another (thornapple scratches and all) he photographed me and posted my mug online where other muggles can see it!
Does this sound like a runon sentence, I don't thinkso bit I may be mistaken and all since I've never ever not found a given geocache, especially not one as small as a 5 gallon bucket.............................!