Thursday, November 6, 2008

Autumn Colors: Yellow and Gray

Six weeks! I have been substituting non-stop for six weeks as of tomorrow. I never had that happen last year! Except for the long term thing that fell into my lap...(a little like hot soup...a little too much pain to be comfortable). I am fairly happy with it.

I took Cora some coffee and her phone this morning. On the way back, I took some pictures of the fall foliage. Pretty, huh?

As I stepped onto the bridge to take this photo, a Great Blue Heron took off...see?

After school ( I taught some wonderful fifth graders today...I mean it, they were awesome! They were quiet and respectful and a little funny.), I went to get a geocache...on a mountain...see? Here is the view from half-way up.

It was cloudy on top! Seeee!! And COLD!

And this on the way back down...


Grandma said...

Great pictures. Are you in the area where the teachers are talking about a strike?

Erin said...

Too bad it wasn't a sunny day.

Cora said...

I love the top two pictures they are amazing. Love ya!!