Monday, November 3, 2008

i-phone, i-vote, i-llegal

Here is a big shout out to my father, who has leapt ahead of me in technology, once again. He has an i-phone. He even let me touch it. O.k., now I want one...I just think I might spend every last minute on-line. "Jim, what are you doing!? You are supposed to be driv-AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Probably best I stick with what I got.

(Oh, and Dad, nice "gone.")

So, election day is tomorrow. I purposely stay away from that crap. I know too many people who go nuts if you mention a political belief or opinion different from them. There is one particular person with whom I have worked that I despise, because, somehow, every conversation turns to politics. Even stupid things like mops somehow revert to politics, because some politician wants better mops or something...really, I have gotten to the point where I tune him out as soon as he enters the room. I even have been rude on occasion. last time I spoke to him he asked me some question that was intended to provoke a response for the ex-president that he hates. I simply responded, "I don't care. If it doesn't have to do with the Cold War, I don't care." He shut up...for once.

Oh, yeah, we voted.

So, the pre-schoolers did not bite, and I am in relatively unharmed. It WAS, however, an over blown daycare day.

My truck is legal again. I went to the DOL and got some new plates. I told the lady that my license plates were good as new, they'd hardly been used, and they were easy to remember! She sympathized, but I still had to buy the 24 dollar plates. To placate me she gave me a set that were easy to remember. REALLY! It was awesome! She went through the plates at her desk and finally came up with the nice ones that will be easy for me to remember (Cora, whispering at my side, says don't write down your new plates! DUH! [A12345B] She thinks I m SOOOO dumb!). It is amazing how simply asking for something can somehow get you that thing you want. Cora, of course, says it is my charm, but surely, it is just people being nice.


Cora said...

You are too charming. If I would have gone in there and asked for the same thing I would have gotten "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit" or "NO PLATES FOR YOU!!"
And yes you are just proud enough of your new plates to forget our limited privacy and post the new number.

Erin said...

My first plates had DYX in them my second set to repalce them had FCN. I was not happy. You can make up any word you want out of those letters, but the ones I thought of were not nice. I asked the lady for a differnt set and she gave me that look like "Do I look like I am here to serve you?" I got to OK and they were on the V's. I thought oh great I will get VAG, but I got something normal for once.

Grandma said...

I had to give up Flo for something I can't even remember. I still call my car Flo. I always name the car. We have had Old Blue, Lizzy and a few I can't remember. One was Carlyle, I nicknamed it CAR.