Monday, November 10, 2008

Scrubbed, Miffed, and Torqued

I am a bit miffed. I was Screwed out of three days work. The teacher called last night, and when she found I was busy today, she asked me if I would take her class for the next three days (Wednesday thru Friday) and I said yes.

This morning the secretary asked me if I could do those days. Yes, I would be happy to. She added that it was because I was familiar with the sixth grade reading curriculum. I went through my day and, as I headed out, I stopped at the office to verify those days. The secretary said it was all set up and handed me my confirmation numbers. I walked out happy that I would not have to search for jobs tomorrow!

I was home no more than ten minutes, just long enough to confirm that I had those days on the computer. The phone rang. It was the principal. (This is the same one I mentioned months ago, who called me "maintenance guy" and the other sub "lawnmower guy." This principal is not my favorite) He said, the "Guest Teacher,(Just call him a sub, that's what we are!)" they had today said he was available for the rest of the week and "they" (I suspect "they" is the "Principal.") had sort of told him he could work it, and the principal did not think it was right to go back on what "they" had told him... I should have said it, but did not think to, "what about the fact that the teacher asked for me and promised me???" But, no, I was respectful and polite and explained that I understood...I should have told him: "NO!!!! ITS MY JOB!!! YOU ASSHOLE!! I WANT IT!! I WANT IT!!! I WANT IT!!!! I LIKE THE SIXTH GRADERS!!!" Its not fair.

Oh, well, I already have a job for Friday. Hopefully I can pick up a couple more.

I came home and began making Split-Pea Soup. Cora has a recipe, but our Ham was bad, so I used bacon...turned out pretty good.

Oh, and did I mention? We are going to go see Jeff Dunham on Friday night!!!

I know it is a long video, but watch a couple minutes of it anyway...He's hilarious!

I am a big Jeff Dunhm fan...well, I like watching his videos on Comedy Central! It will be tons of fun!

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Cora said...

That sucks about the job but I know you will get ones. Friday will be so much fun, I am excited.