Sunday, November 16, 2008

It Must Be Kittens!

So, we were sitting watching TV on Thursday night and something strange happened (Us watching TV in itself is not strange, we do that almost every night). I had my laptop on my lap, Cora had hers on hers. We both heard a noise from the TV stand. We glanced over our laptop tops, and at that moment several DVDs fell out of the side door. Cora, without pausing or missing a beat, said, "It must be kittens."

I laughed. who in their right mind expected kittens to be in our TV stand? Well, apparently Cora. Anyway, so we kind of shrugged it off and did not get up to reposition the DVDs or close the door. A few minutes later, there was another noise and we both looked over our laptop tops (OK, I admit it, I like writing "laptop tops") and a couple more DVDs came out and the door opened wider. Cora, again at the top of her game, cried, "It's Kittens, I tell ya! Kittens!" I married a comedian.

Kittens I tell ya!!

Oh, and I hope everyoe will tune in and watch Jeff Dunham's new Christmas special tonight, on Comedy Central!

We began the day with a nutritious brakfast of powdered donettes, coffee, and bacon. I think it is the beginning of good day.

We have some groceries to get, some house cleaning to do, and maybe we will even stop by the pet store to replace our dead fish...oh, by the way, our clown goby disappeared. Should be a good day!

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Cora said...

Kittens are mischivious and it seemed like something they would do. The fact that we don't have any kittens is the only thing that makes it unusual. I think it is perfectly normal thing to say :0)