Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Teaching Post That May Bore Most Humans

I love sixth graders. I taught at the intermediate today. An entirely different batch of sixth graders than before, but nevertheless, I enjoyed being around them. Sixth graders seem to be such a different animal than the others.

I have now taught each grade level. I appreciate the Seniors in their advanced classes, and the kinders are the cutest to be seen. I like third graders, but fourth graders seem to be a bit more effort. I like Fifth graders, but Sixth graders just seem SO THERE in the learning. Seventh and Eighth graders are in between being children and becoming young adults who basically don't know who they are anyway, and so take everything so seriously, unless it's learning...and then it's full-hearted-half-heartedness.

We had a read-in today. It was the last day of the quarter. They have a program in-which they read a book, answer questions related to thtbook on computer, print it out and gain points according to how well they do. It seems pretty simple. The kids do well. We spent most of the day reading. It was fun.

What made it better was the other sixth graders in the hallways calling out to Mr. H. asking when I would sub again for them. Then, earlier, at the beginning of the day, I was walking through the teacher's lounge and one of the teachers was talking to some others. She looked at me and asked my name. I said, "Jim." She said, "No, Your last name." I told her. She said, "you're the one!" Apparently she and her daughter had been talking about subs. One of the subs at the intermediate had fallen asleep yesterday, and she had brought this up to her daughter. Her daughter said the best sub of all was...me.

I later found out who her daughter was. It was a girl whom I thought did not think alot of me. It is always interesting to find out who likes you...often it ends up being the person you think does not care much for you. Weird.

Good Lord, this post make me sound like some sort of ultra-awesome guy, but the truth is I am not ultra-awesome, I simply tell the kids the way it is and have fun doing it. That last part, having fun, is, I think, the part that makes me a good sub.

I am sorry this post is not more interesting. I guess it might be interesting to teachers...but even then, well, it's a close call.

On a more happy note, far from me boasting, Thanksgiving is creeping nearer! One more day, as Cora's clock indicates. See her site for the cool countdown she has on her site.

Oh, that's another thing: Teaching sixth graders makes me want to be a Dad THAT much more.

Did I mention my beer is done? It tastes more like Cider than beer.


Grandma said...

I think among other things it shows you have chosen the right vocation. When you enjoy what you're doing you can't help but be good at it.

Cora said...

I hope that you are able to teach more sixth graders. It has been great that you have been able to teach all the grades and learn waht you like.