Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I See Children

You know, this is the third day I have not subbed...ouch. However, tomorrow I sub at the HS! I know because the kids told me I would. No, not the imaginary kids in my head, the real ones, who seem to take extreme advantage of my good nature. I was at the HS again doing the electrician's job in the gym. The kids in PE kept runing by and saying, "Hey, Mr. H, see ya tomorrow!" "You'll be in MY class tomorrow!"

So, now the kids are as well informed as I am...obviously the teacher has told them, but it is interesting that they listened and stored that little piece of information away AND were capable of retrieving it.

Ah, HS Science tomorrow...freshmen. Smartass freshmen...good thing I am just as much of a is a good defense!

1 comment:

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Well guess what.. you favorite Freshman almost got her but suspended today for play hitting..
Think she learned her lesson..
Have a Great Evening..
Give my friend(your wife) a hug for me..