Saturday, November 8, 2008

Above the Clouds

This is the view I saw today.
Cora went to a Pampered Chef thing and I had some time on my hands. I decided to leave a little treasure for my sister. She and her husband got a GPS for their birthdays. They have begun doing Geocaches and the family has been laying tresure hunts out for each other for some time now. I decided to leave her a nice one today. It has 9 legs. It runs for about 20 miles. At its end is...well, a treasure that I am not at liberty to discuss just yet. I want to make sure she gets it before I say what use spoiling surprises.

I found myself in a place I have not been for about 15 years. It isn't far from where I grew up, but it is somewhat removed. The first time I went there my best friend was with me. It was night time. The stars hung down so close you could almost touch them. We were out, most likely on a Saturday night. The view was incredible. You could see from one end of the valley to its bottom. Today the view was comparable. The valley has been socked in with clouds for the past few days and still is. As I drove up, though, I broke out of the overcast and there I sunlight.

While I was there the clouds began to shift. The next picture shows the fog/clouds moving in. It was an awesome spectacle.
I went ahead and did the treasure hunt and then headed for home. On my way home I saw this:
and this last one is a picture of a local landmark. It is just an old barn, but I have always liked it.


Cora said...

Glad you had a great time. I did too with my family. I am sure your sis will appreciate the treasure ;0). Love the pictures, especially the one with the car.

LOVE YA. cora

Grandma said...

I loved all the pictures especially the one with the clouds. I am really impressed with the old barn. I wonder how old that barn is.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the pictures..
sounds like you had a Great Time..
Love the barn..
Wish I could have been with Cora..
Have a Great Sunday..