Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brush with a Spoon

This picture was taken a year or so ago...maybe 2. In Seattle, at the Gas Works Park.

So, seems like it is time for a makeover. Well, for my blog. I wanted a counter, and my old one would not do it. I decided I wanted the counter more than that old background.

I worked maintenance today. The main issue was I could have subbed, but I did not have any clothes clean for subbing. I decided to work maintenance. I was soon told that I would be heading a crew to clean out the old middle school. Kids have been breaking in and vandalizing it. I cleaned up A LOT of glass today. But it was nice thinking of things for others to do and then telling them it needed to be done.

We loaded the back of a truck/van with garbage and decided to take it to the dump. I chose the most intelligent new guy to go with me…conversation and the others were a bit weird. Really, I wonder where my boss digs them up. One was a farmer. One was an ex-employee at a local grocer. Another was likely a white supremacist, but I did not ask. Another was an oddball, showed up and offered to shake my hand, but with his hand significantly higher than necessary. It was roughly at his shoulder height. He then saluted me, turned and did what I told him. Sort of. Apparently he was directionally challenged. He used words significantly larger than necessary, and usually out of the normal school employee’s lexicon. Instead of saying, “great!” he said “cheers.” Instead of saying, “That sounds like a good idea.” Or “I agree.” He decided the single word, “Concur.” Said as a statement, was the right thing to say. He came dressed in some sort of black combat fatigues…no hair on his head, except for a scraggly goatee. The entire time I got the feeling he was trying to impress me with his vast vocabulary and giant intellect…unfortunately for him, I was unimpressed. I had him pull weeds…well, everyone did that…but I laughed internally that he was doing it. Later I found he has a Sociology degree…which I think, now, I would put just below a history degree for utility.

Cora is going to slip soon and give up the location of the spoon. I will have it! I WILL!!!

We had BBQ smoked chicken, broccoli, and stir fried asparagus. Then I went back to my chair and continued to feed upon the 3 lb bag of M&Ms. M&Ms with peanuts. I doubt I have more than two lbs left.

Cora was texting Kim…or IMing…instant messaging? Anyway, she seemed to be having a good time…

Well, I got a call from my favorite teacher today. She asked me if I could sub for her from 5-7 through 5-9. I told her I could. That fills my entire week. I have two others that I will be teaching Monday and Tuesday. That will be nice. They are all over at Moxee Elementary. That’s my favorite school.

Cora and I have different techniques for loading the dishwasher. Mine is more efficient and I can fit more dishes in that sucker and get them clean than she can. I think it is a male thing. It involves special reckoning and visualization. Males are good at that. I am not sure what women are good at…probably whining…:-) LOL! I am just joking, Cora is pretty awesome, I just wanted to see if I could annoy any females that might be reading this.

Well, I have to go find Cora a brush…for the dishes…because you can’t wash dishes without a brush…must be a scared brush…with mystic powers…maybe it will disappear...maybe it will go to be with the Spoon.


Cora said...

Oh it is a good thing I love you!! You are pushing it buddy! I am glad you are working all next week. love ya.

grandma said...

I like the new look. I liked the old one too. Beautiful greens. Makes your pictures stand out even more.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Like the new look...
Okay.. I think Cora can load the dishwasher better...LOL..
And for the spoon.. well you will see it in my hands soon...LOL..
And we were having a Great time..if you only knew what we were talking about..
Have fun tomorrow..

Anonymous said...

I was on the phone with you earlier and promised to read the last few, am sort of upset by yoyur wife's tendency toward violence, which I have just discovered.

I just don't think it is nice to threaten to hit someone in the mouth who has just had some teeth removed, even if the comments they (I)made might have seened inappropriate. I am shocked, since I always have believed that my daughter-in-law was the just the GREATEST! DAD

Anonymous said...

I noticed that this keyboard can't spell "YOUR" with any degree of accuracy. Seems like it has to be supervised.