Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Jobs and Magic Spoons!

Life is a dilapidated building...well, I took these back in November.

HI! Well, I have known that I need to get my grad degree this year or before next Spring. I have NOT read the fifty allotted books, yet. I have started the dominoes falling, though. I contacted my professor this evening. And he seemed genuinely happy to hear of my potential return. On the plus side, I will only need to take 2 credits. So, there is a happy job for me.

I also need to get off my dead ass and find a job…apparently, our babies don’t come free, and I need to contribute to that...not to mention that insurance is not free and, well, there are numerous other reasons…I might also add that job finding is not something I…well, it is not fun. Hmmm, another happy job.

I took care of the Kinders today. As usual, kinders are a bucket of fun. This was a bi-lingual class. Spanish today…I did my best, and they seem to like teaching me.

I took the garbage from the shed to the dump today. Not a horrid job, but not terribly pleasant.

I made dinner tonight…that is something I enjoy. Tri-tip roast, Carrots, and Broccoli.

Tonight, I very nearly pulled the wool over on Cora…well, I got REALLY CLOSE! I managed to bluff her into believing that I had found the Adoption Spoon. Usually she can catch me in a lie, but tonight, well, lets just say, I could have been up for an Oscar had I been on film. She actually believed me! All I did to start this was to say, CASUALLY, “you know I love you, Right?” She began to freak a little. Then she began to give me a few clues to its location, when I thought I had enough, I jumped up and fled to the location of the Adoption Spoon…unfortunately, I seem to have been jumping the gun. She then caught on that I did not have it…obviously, THAT did not require a degree in Rocketry or Aeronautics or Psychology. Oh, well. It spooked her and I hope to catch her as she moves it to a new location. Now, THAT is a HAPPY JOB!


Cora said...

You almost got me! but I am too clever for you!

grandma said...

I'm soooo glad Cora didn't really give the spoon to the church boys because I think it's going to bring you good luck. Wait, and see. Wait is the magic word.
You have some very "cool" pictures.

Cora said...

The spoon is only still in the house because I love you so much! Don't tempt me to send it to Kim.