Tuesday, April 1, 2008

DBG Classy Cactus Culture

Tuesday, April 01, 2008, we got in the car and drove to LA, had breakfast and came back. Then we had lunch here in Phoenix and then drove out to Houston, Texas for dinner. Tonight, we’ll have drinks in Nova Scotia. April Fools!!
We went to breakfast and had some breakfast burritos at Carolina’s Tacos. Good breakfast. We decided the “indicator species” for good food was police presence. There were ten Arizona Highway Patrolmen there when we walked in. Their BMW motorcycles parked in a gleaming formation hurt the unprotected eye.
We then went to the Desert Botanical Garden. We took a tour of the garden and then wandered around on our own. We ended up having lunch at the restaurant there.
The plants were awesome there. Even non-plant minded people could enjoy the strangeness of the cacti on display. One thing that continues to amaze me is the way the State of Arizona protects the Saguaro. It is illegal to harm it and you must have a permit to move, buy, or sell it. Builders must carefully remove them and place them in a corner of the property then replace them when they are done with the building.
Everything in the desert can defend itself...

I will be posting twice, since there are several photos. So look below to see the section on our drive by Luke Air Force Base.

We went to dinner and promptly found the Phoenix Triangle. It is a wonder we made it back. We did find a good place to eat. I think Cora might post on that tonight. Tomorrow PIMA!!!!!

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Cora said...

Can't let this post go with out a comment. The botanical gardens were cool, we learned so much more than the desert ride.