Saturday, April 26, 2008

Regurgitation Explanation

Just a picture of a local landmark...I am fond of it for its rustic-ness?? Rusticity? Rusticocity? farminess.

So, last night we celebrated our one year LID.

This morning our beloved city held its free dump day. We managed to get a few things out and they took them away. Then we went to town had lunch with Cora’s sisters, got some pulleys from Lowe’s Hardware and came back. We then gave our shed some Ipecac, and it regurgitated its contents. We then organized them, rearranged, and put them back. We withheld a few items to be given to Goodwill or sold at a yard sale. I can’t believe how much crap Cora hangs on to. She has tools, just plain wood, teaching materials she MIGHT use someday, an auxiliary aircraft fuel tank, ancient cameras, and tons of old National Geographic magazines she never looks at! I can’t believe the things she collects! It’s embarrassing. But, because I love her, I allowed her to keep most of it.

The result of the shed regurgitation was that both of us are exhausted!

Cora’s sisters came to her parents yesterday, so we visited. Her parents wanted out of their storage unit. All of us were drafted. We had to help remove their stuff…and work and slave…well, I suppose that’s what kids are for. So, we got some exercise from that, too…no wonder we are tired.

Toby helped us in the shed. There were some traces of rodents and he spent a lot of the time digging test holes, sniffing, snorting (because he had inhaled dust), digging a little more, getting in the way, and in general doing his part.

Cora found that you can send your pictures to Costco and make a book…like, apparently a hardbound book…we are going to try doing it with our Arizona pictures…I think it would be cool.

Well, that’s it for now. Neither of us feel like eating much, so no dinner tonight…just a number of snacks and whatever we can glean from the fridge. Tomorrow? I suppose I will attempt to Gypsy Proof the back yard…stupid dog.

Oh, my in laws got a Wii today! Guess where we are going on the weekends they go fishing!

I think I will close with just a few pics of F-105s that I have known. As a fighter it may not have been the most maneuverable, but it was FAST! They were built to deliver a nuclear payload as fast as possible, they were not made to win a dogfight. Some sources indicate they could outrun an F-15 when they were on the deck and clean! I love 'em.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Sounds like a busy day...
I can't believe you went to LOWE"S.... instead of HOME DEPOT...
Have a Great Sunday..

grandma el said...

Oh sure, I can see Cora collecting airplane parts and some of that other stuff sounds a tad bit suspious to me. LOL. Good try, anyway.
I love the Rusticallity picture. No kidding it is really good.

Cora said...

Well at least Gramma knows the truth! It was an exhausting day but we got alot done. Now I am ready to hit the spare rooms!