Thursday, April 17, 2008

"O," Torture!!

Well, Cora is torturing me for my misdeeds. She is watching Oprah. I am too lazy to go to the other room, and I really DO love my recliner. The show is on leaving a smaller footprint…you know, being eco sensitive. This family was supposed to live without going out (ooh, what’s that?), with only one hour of TV (perish the thought), and no computer (absolute heresy!). There were also things like using cloth towels instead of paper towels (what’s supposed to fill up the garbage can?), and recycle (I feel I give the trash man…garbage man, waste-removal man… sanitation worker a purpose in his life, you think I could take that away from him? Are you insane? That’s just mean.). Admittedly, we could all do a little more for the environment, but some of that stuff is plane crazy. I think that some of it is almost as bad as freegans…you know, people who dumpster dive for dinner, even though they are Dr.s, Lawyers, or engineers. Yes, I acknowledge that a lot of the food they find looks perfectly good, but come on! Do you really trust store employees not to put bad things in with the good? I don’t. Mainly because I once was one of those store people who emptied the trash. I worked at Home Depot and took great delight in making sure the toilet I threw in the compacter made a lovely cracking sound. Or the light bulbs…or any number of the things we were told to throw away, simply because the supplier/manufacturer did not want to pay for shipping. Perfectly good lawnmowers, slightly chipped light fixtures, and of course the plants that just needed water, all went down the chute. Company policy. Maybe we should tighten up on the big consumers, like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Costco, Safeway…whoever throws things out that should or could be used elsewhere! Who cares whether you lose a little profit! Shame on you corporate America! Now, I am going to surf the net, watch TV and eat off of Styrofoam plates. Oh, yeah, maybe I will open the window and turn on the heat.

Ok, that’s out of my system, mostly because of Cora’s choice of programming. I taught today. Sped. There was a menagerie of missteps and unhappiness during the assembly. I had to walk one of my kids out. The Principle took it from there. Then, fortunately I was out of the way, I saw a girl leave the award line and head for her teacher…she did not get far when she vomited…on others. Wow!! School is entertaining. I went for the custodian, so I did not see the rest, but I am sure it wasn’t that bad. BRAGHHHHH!!!!

The rest of the day went well.

Also, I paid for the Mazda. The guy would not take my money until I said something about what I felt would be a fair deal. I just wanted to be quit of it. So, we stood for three or four minutes in silence…well, comparative. He was asking about the Toyota Camry Hybrid. Finally, he said, even though, I owed $200, he would drop it to 150. I said, I thought $100 sounded better, so we agreed on 125…mainly because he noted that he lost 25%(is that right?) because it was credit…I now think it was probably more like .25%, but that did not occur to me then. Oh, well, it is done. Now we can tow it home.

Tomorrow, I teach again. I got a chance to meet my class for tomorrow. They are great. Their teacher is great, too. You know? I like all the teachers that ask for me by name. It means they seem to think I am doing o.k. with their kids. Having had my own class for a short time, I know what that is like. I still see my kids…well, I call them my kids, even though, I was only their social studies teacher, and I was only that for a couple months. I grew attached to them. I got to know them. I also went to their defense on a few occasions. I wanted a decent sub for them the day I went to tour the B Reactor at Hanford. You don’t want an asshole to sub for you. yet, you want the kids to do their job. It is a balance.

We had pork chops tonight. BBQ chicken last night. Both turned out pretty good. Well, I suppose I am out of interesting stuff. I did not finish painting the break room, though, I did leave them a little gecko painted on the wall…wonder what they had to say about that.


Cora said...

I really did not get why watching less TV was better for the environment, I guess a little less electricity. I think we do OK, like I never wash clothes in hot water and we use real plates not paper. We take our coffee to work instead of buying it. We used to live a lot worse and we changed with out Oprah (person not cat.)

Cora said...

thought I better clarify the shop cat is named Oprah, too.

grandma el said...

I do most of those things too, but I do it to save pennies. I never thought about the planet.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Sounds like an interesting day...
Glad Cora fed you well..
sounds YUMMY!!!
Have a Great Day..