Monday, April 14, 2008

So Classy, I Had Two!!

I had a fun day. I had sat beside the computer waiting for a job all night and all morning. I was dressed and ready to go paint the maintenance break room. Then the phone rang. “Jim, you have been requested”…What? I asked myself, I just looked at the damned computer…I took a step, oh. Yep, there it is. It had come up in the past thirty seconds. Oh, and there was a second one. I told her yes. I looked at it after I hung up and realized it was a half day, but so was the other one. I checked to make sure they meshed. They did. High School in the morning and Elementary in the afternoon. Good day.

The high schoolers greeted me with mixed affection…some dramatic, OHs and several energetic YES’s! Then the teacher came in and I left for the elementary. There, the teacher asked me my opinion on what to do for the day. They were loud, but I enjoy 2nd graders. The day was long, but nice.

We had baked potatoes tonight…with real bacon…have I mentioned that Bacon should be its own food group? Yes, that is why I have a nicely shaped belly…the envy of men in many third world countries. We used green onions that had been in storage for probably a month now. We used that vacuum glad bag thingy…they are still fresh!!! The only difference is they have a slightly stronger flavor. The sour cream MUST be piled on. I like it. Cora insists on cheese…cheddar is better…more is better than that. I think I cooked a half pound of bacon. What joy!

We have Dish network. We apparently have a neighbor that does too. Over the last year or so we have had battles. The remote controls for them are VHF, so you don't have to be in the same room as the receiver. And, if the remote is on the right channel, you could, theoretically, control the neighbor's tv. Our neighbor seems to take great pleasure in screwing up our tv...or course, we probably return the favor, unknown to us. You can tell he is checking things because the screen comes up and starts flipping. If you are not fast with your control, though, he will change your channel...You should hear the words that come out of Cora's, well, I am an angel, and would never dream of uttering a dirty word...ever.

Here are two pictures of a B-47. this aircraft allowed the US to claim intercontinental nuclear delivery capability. This one had an addition to the bomb bay...that bulge in the belly, depending on the model could carry men or equipment or both.
The hatch on the bottom of the nose is the hole through which the navigator/bombadier blasted down through when he ejected. The little bubble thingy on the very nose had an eyelid that flipped up so the bombadier could look through it and see where they were going and/or identify the target for a visual bombing run. There were just over 2000 of this type built. The last one flew in its current home of Castle Air Museum. B-47s had a wonderful run, and there were so many of them that stories about them are rampant...a nice thing if you like those kinds of stories.

Well, now that I am home from AZ, I have little to say. Right now, though, I am attempting to avoid the wrath of Kim… :-)


grandma el said...

Those baked potato's sound so yummy. Your stomach must be back to normal. You must have made a good career choice. I think you enjoy it a great deal.

Cora said...

Glad you had a good day. Hope you get a job tomorrow. Dinner was good thanks!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

I am coming over for dinner...
I am not all that bad....
Have a Great Evening..
"the wrath of KIM"....

Anonymous said...

I have kept my promise of going back to answer your quiz from Sunday. I was at least expecting a comment but have been kept in the dark as to your response. Since I have NEVER posted before I suppose I should have expected it(whatever IT is).
I was also promised the pleasure of viewing approx. 4000 pics of your AZ trip. This hasn't happened either(pronounce that EYE-ther [for emphasis]) and since you refused to take me along (instead of your lovely wife,and since we do share somewhat the same interest in airplanes, I suppose I should have expected THAT also). (THAT and IT share similar ethereal qualities)
And since I have NEVER taken any INTEREST in my son or his activities, I shouldn't have expected any big responses to what I consider a world-shaking experience. I suppose I deserve THIS also! (equate THIS to IT and THAT above).
However, I AM looking forward to seeing them in PERSON instead of merely TWO at a time as posted on your site. (CAPS have been added above for EMPHASIS)

The opinions expressed in this pole are those of the author only (I have your Mother's permission to express them too!) and not necessarily those of this household.

I AM looking forward to seeing your photos and hear your stories of the trip! Love you Two!

Your Esteemed Father, Jim Sr.