Saturday, April 5, 2008

Say Yer Prayers Wabbit!

Our last day in Arizona and I was not sure last night what we were going to do. Then we found reference to a ghost town on the Apache Trail. They had a mine tour…which, I think turned out to be a “mine” tour. We doubted the authenticity of our depth. It was fun nevertheless. We went up and had some ice cream. Then we went to the museum, where we got a guided tour. Despite living in this area and being a WWII history buff, the guide had never been to Pima. He was also surprised that I knew the identification of a particular piece on display. It was the connection where a large belt, usually steam driven or a conveyor belt, connects to itself to form a circle. He seemed surprised till I told him I was a history teacher. Then again, maybe I had higher expectations of a docent…
We found they had some reptiles on display and so we spent four bucks each to see them. There were several local species. I think I got a good picture of a sidewinder…see for yourself.
They had a gun fight…in the street. The storyline was that the local mines had feuds. The two mine owners wanted to end it once and for all. They had hired the best gunslingers to fight for them. The first pair killed each other. The second were a bit more interesting. They could not hit each other and ended up…well, I have a whole bunch of video I am going to try to get on here…we will see if it works. It is funny and worth the wait…if there is one. well, the other video is hard to hear, but it ends up, the gun fighters shoot the mine owners...everyone laughed. I definitely recommend it to visitors and natives alike!
Then we left, walked in the desert and then went and saw an IMAX film, 3D of the Grand Canyon. It felt almost as though we were there.
We have to get up, well, Cora’s saying “the butt crack of dawn” just doesn’t quite pull it off. It is more like we need to get up in the Upper GI tract of Dawn to get to our plane. We shall see. I will be sad to leave this weather behind. The people here are great and so is the flora and geography. What a neat state. Kim, I hope you had a good day boating.
Enjoy the videos if they work. Jimh.

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grandma el said...

The gun fight was funny. I want to thank you for all these posts. I really enjoy them. I know you had a great time and I'm sure it won't be your last visit to AZ.