Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hard Drives are not so hard

Well, so much for the External Hard Drive. For some reason it is no longer working. I am having to get my pictures the old fashioned way, from the card reader. Cora’s comp has its own card slots…mine is archaic. Hopefully Hitachi will reply to my desperate email asking what is wrong with it. I hope we have not deleted anything we put on there. I can’t believe our luck this week. It seems like things have just been going wrong. First the fish, then the HD going down. I guess that is not everything, but it sure sucks.

I am going to show you a few more pictures from our trip. Obviously. In the distance you can see the airliners stored in the desert...I forget the exact name of this field...but those are all retired liners. mostly 747s of various vintages.

And here is Cora showing her normal enthusiasm for the task at hand. Note she is looking at the ground while she speaks on the phone. Also, note her wonderful, mystical, and magical surroundings which she seems to be ignoring.

This grey bird is an Avro has been the recent subject of several magazine articles.
This is a Vickers of the early users of turboprops...basically a jet engine that runs a proppellor. Both of these last two are from Britain.
When I asked Cora to step into the maw of that one, it did not occur to me that I really was asking her to step into its MAW...
Apparently the 60th one I have asked her to step into...go figure.
This is of course the C-133, only 50 were built. Fewer than 10, probably closer to 7 survive. This is the aircraft that the book I bought is about. Built to take large pieces of cargo...basically it fortold what was to come. The C-141 and C-5 both replaced it.
Also a turboprop.
I hope you enjoy them...
Oh, I am so mad about that stupid hard drive.


grandma el said...

Yes, BUT in that next to the last picture Cora seems to be pointing something out to you. Very impressive!! She looks very knowledgeable about her airplanes.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Love the pictures...
Looks like Cora was doing what I would be doing..
Talking on the phone...LOL.
Have a Great Evening..
Great pictures...

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Just read your post... you crack me up...I do not put the letters on the codes....LOL..
And meeting you guys was sooo much fun..
I need to get my picture in the frame ..
I am posting in the morning.. or later on with tomorrow date..
Tomorrow is a big day..
Have a Great evening..
I will tell everyone in the morning you said "HELLO"... everyone is sleeping except John.. he wants me to buy him a new lens for our Anniversary on the 22nd ~ 2 years...
You know.. guys always want these expensive things..
Ha ha ha

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Now we have two things to celebrate on that DAY!!!
He wants a 60mm.macro lens... we have a Canon digital Rebel...we have two other lens... but that is our family camera... we will have GREAT pictures in China with that baby...