Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Need a New Blog...

Huey Lewis and the News may have had it a little better. I just wanted to alert my regulars…yeah, that’s all three of you…that I have another blog. It is devoted completely to aviation archeology in Washington. I doubt my regulars will be terribly interested…but, you never know. I noticed that most other states have sites devoted to the subject. I hope that mine will help with the subject. I suspect a regular site might be better for that, but, as I am notoriously NOT internet savvy, this platform will have to do in the interim.

I subbed for 2nd graders today. I enjoyed them, but tomorrow I am back to the High School. Gym class…yippee. That is meant with significant sarcasm, since I am also notoriously known for my inactivity. I drew some pictures for the kids and joked with staff today. It was nice.

Hmmm, I was just watching the news, apparently Benton City will be holding an open dump day, but they request that no explosives or radioactive materials be left…uh…is that really necessary to say? Anyway, if you have explosives just lying around, don’t you think you would just be aching for the 4th of July to come around? I would be!! And, as for radioactive material…well, couldn’t you trick some stupid terrorists into buying some harmless Cesium or Americium? “Yeah, Even though we just took it out of the smoke detector…you can make a bomb out of it! See, the Geiger counter just budged!”

Well, a new episode of Lost is on tonight.

Oh, and tomorrow we will celebrate one year of being Logged In to China. Only five or six to go. OK, maybe not that long, but it sure seems like it. (warning: Bitch-fest ahead skip if you like) I really like kids, and they seem to like me…seems like I should have one of my own, I think I would be pretty good at it. Seems like others get kids with significantly less experience and training…and look at me, I am a teacher! I know, you are all going to be supportive and tell me it won’t be that long, yada yada yada, I am not looking for that, I just want to bitch a bit. The wait sucks. There is nothing I can do about it. That sucks, too. Cora will make a great MOM! But, she has to wait. That sucks. I love my wife, and I hate that I can’t fix this. That REALLY SUCKS!

OK, time to lighten the mood. I told the kids a joke today. They did not get it. See what you think: A piece of string walks into a bar (I told the kids “Café”) and wanted a drink (I told the kids a sandwich) and the bartender (Kids got: waitress) said, “We don’t serve pieces of string in here!” So the string went out to the side walk and was crying, when a stranger came up and asked him if there were anything he could do for him. The string said, “Yes, could you tie a knot in me and fray me at both ends?” ( the kids did not know what the word FRAY meant, I elaborated) So the stranger did so. The string, now with a knot in him and his ends frayed, walked (believe it or not, the kids did not ask how a string walks...would have been top of my list, plus, do strings really talk, let alone eat?) back into the bar (Café) and asked for a drink (sandwich), the bartender (waitress) said, “Hey, are you that piece of string that was in here earlier?” The string says, “No, I am a frayed knot!”


Cora said...

I guess it is your turn to be a little down. Don't worry if I have to travel half way around the world to be a Mom I will. Oh wait that is what we are doing. We have options we just have to make it happen and we will. Love ya.

grandma el said...

You should put a counter on your blogs. Look how many Cora has. Most people just don't like to take time to comment. I am surprised that 700 people have looked at mine. Where did they come from. Mars?
How do you look at other peoples blogs? Everytime I click on next blog I either get some foreign one and sometimes an x-rated obscene one.