Thursday, April 3, 2008

Brrrr-There Must Be A Giraffe In Here.

We watched as the tiger crouched, waiting. As they have for millions of years, it lay motionless, not a twitch betrayed its presence. Then its prey, a pair of jeans filled with blown up balloons, moved too close and POP!!!

We visited Out of Africa today, which is not far from Sedona. They have 44 acres of land dedicated to several zebra, two giraffes, ostriches, and several gazelle, and a camel named Humpfrey. They also have loads of big cats and a rhino. They saved the Rhino from some firm that wanted it for a “canned” hunt somewhere in Texas. The Rhino knows his name…what kind of hunt is that?
We went out on the safari ride and Cora kissed the Giraffe…or as close to kissing as one can get…someone else got slimed. See the picture for proof. The Giraffe's name is Kebo...can you see the way they flirt?

We went on a safari ride…where we saw the Giraffe. Then we watched a show, where the handlers played with the tigers in a way similar to how one might play with a house cat. See video.

We had a slow start. But we made it up there and had second thoughts when we walked through the gate, but after we had been there for a while, we realized that we were really enjoying ourselves. Cora will post, but possibly not tonight. We did not get back until about 9pm.
We wandered around the shops in Sedona. Walking by one we spoke to a young man, and were offered a free night in a hotel with $50 spending money. This person asked us where we were from and wanted to give out the hotel room to spread the word about their new hotel, no strings attached. We wanted to say yes, since it looked so nice, but once again, we had left the house with just the clothes on our backs…dammit.

Sedona is VERY pretty. Arizona is a state of many faces. The people we have met that live here seem warm and friendly…except for a certain family from Tempe, who are simply the BEST! Tucson was a nice town, though we did not spend much time there. The fact that there is an air force base nearby is enough for it to get my vote. Phoenix has lots to offer, and now we have ventured north. Wow, and what changes you can see with the simple expedient of altitude change. By 3000 feet the saguaro were long gone. We made it to the top of a mesa about 4000 feet and it looked a lot like central Washington, more specifically the area between Soap Lake and Spokane, except for all the prickly pear cactus. When the junipers started cropping up it put me in mind of central Oregon, not far from the “ghost town” of Shaniko. It was a beautiful drive.
Sedona looks like what we Washingtonians imagine the painted rocks to be…it isn’t THE Painted Rocks or the PAINTED DESERT, but it sure was pretty.
We stayed till sunset. We ate at a place called Oaxaca, a Mexican restaurant. It was excellent. Oaxaca is pronounced “Wah-hawk-ah.”
Here are a few pics, like I said Cora may post tonight…if she wakes up. We are both pooped…we may need a vacation from our vacation!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

LOVE the Zoo.. it is sooo fun...
Glad you went to Sedona.. it is soooo beautiful... LOVE just walking up and down the streets.. so much stuff... the rock is sooo red and beautiful..
Thanks for saying we are such a Great Family...
Maybe you guys should move here.. there are LOTS of teaching jobs...
Have a Great Day today.. can't wait to see where you go next...

Cora said...

WOW you about said it all. I don't feel so bad about falling asleep now.