Monday, April 21, 2008

Military Conveyance

We went to my parent’s last night. Bought them dinner and forced them to look at our Arizona pictures…well, when we got to the airplanes it was not hard to keep my dad’s attention and my mother seemed to enjoy the pictures of Sedona. I gave my mom a bowl from AZ and some cactus seeds. I gave my dad a turbine blade. Yes, from a jet engine. It was nice to go down and see them. We have not gotten a chance to go down there for awhile. So it was good to go for a visit.

So, I notice that Prince Harry is in the news for his antics with a Royal Helicopter…everyone seems to think it is awful. My question is, if you could, wouldn’t you? Jeez, I’d have done that. Land in the girlfriend’s backyard? Why the hell not? Drop the little brother off at a bachelor’s party? Sure!!! It’s TRAINING! You know for those real world events when it is highly desirable, for matters of national security, to drop in on friends and neighbors. Awesome. How many of our own airmen have taken an aircraft for a “training” mission and ended up in familiar territory? Probably more than we realize.

This is a Bell UH-1 Iroquois (aka Huey) Pima.

I got a batch of accident reports from the USAF! One of them was an A-24 target tug that crashed in the vicinity of the freeway and Lmuma Creek up on the firing center. I doubt there are any remains…but it would sure be interesting to go and see.

The weather is…well, NORTH WEST, that is to say, freezing at night and somewhat less cold during the day. In the twenties last night. I hate the cold. I am ready for some warmth. It is hard to grow cool plants in such cold weather.
Also of note: Cora's Birthday is tomorrow. She got the laptop for that early...but I may have a surprise or two lined up. If you get the chance give her a call and let her know it's ok to get old. Kind of hard to stop, really.


grandma el said...

So that's what Prince Harry did. I saw the tail end of some news and he was on there, but I couldn't figure out what they were talking about.
Cora is still a baby compared to me, that is. I remember the day very well. It was exciting.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

LOVE the picture... glad you got to spend some time with your parents...
I have something special going on my blog tomorrow.. right along with OUR ANN....
Tell her... at least she isn't as OLD as me...LOL..
40 will be hard for me.. thank goodness I have a few years before I hit that..YUCK..

Cora said...

I had a great weekend with you. Thanks for allowing me the retail therapy I need. Although I could use some more. I was hoping I could just ignore my B-day and it would go away, Thanks for announcing it to the world :0) that is asuming the world reads your blog :0)