Monday, April 21, 2008

Skittles and Merlot

So, Cora felt like Hot Dogs the other day. We got, instead a sort of Polish, er…German…well, Eastern European sausage. I put that in with a head of cabbage. I boiled the hell out of it (yes, you would be surprised at how much hell manages to find its way into the average head of cabbage, that is why you must boil it out!) We threw loads of butter on and some salt…yummy!

We are having skittles and merlot, now…not necessarily what the wineries suggest as a wine accompaniment, but, it seems to work on our palates. I think I may go catfish noodling tomorrow and marry my cousin, too. Well, slow blog day…

Cora turns ancient tomorrow! We should celebrate!

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Cora said...

Yes, tomorrow I will be older than the hills, as us old farts say. I am glad you boiled all of the damnation out of dinner and I think the purple Skittles are best with the Merlot the compliment the fruity notes.