Sunday, February 28, 2010

Which Phase?

Last night we went over to a friend's house and had dinner and played cards.  They want me to paint a painting to go in their living room.  They just put in an addition to their home and it looks beautiful!  I only hope I can come up with a painting they aren't embarrassed to hang.

It was lots of fun.  We took a coloring book for their daughter.  And as we talked, I would glance around to find this young lady busily coloring her coloring book.  I don't know what made me happiest; that she started by coloring the front cover or that she took so much care in her wonderful color choices!  She was bent over that coloring book studiously and carefully tinting each area longer than I expected!  That is how I hope all those who get one of our coloring books enjoys them!

We played Phase 10.  It's a deviously designed card game.  I imagine it will take a dozen more times before I am nearly as cut throat and demented in my card play as our delightful hostess...who won quite handily.  I WAS in second place, but, really, who goes around bragging, "I got beat!  But I was in SECOND place!"  Of course, I have as much fun being beat as I do winning.

I don't know why we don't visit more with friends, we always have such a good time.  I guess it is just easier to sit around watching TV...but it isn't nearly as much fun.  I guess we should clean house and just have some company!


Grandma L said...

I think it's all about the "Cleaning the House". LOL, I guess that says mountains about me.

Cora said...

I had a great time too, we need to do those things more often.