Sunday, February 7, 2010

OK, But I Really Think I should Visit Pago Pago!

For the last four hours the television has been tuned into the Superbowl.  I, of course, have had other things to do.  I made some guacamole, some nachos, and some salsa for the game.  Of course, Cora was watching hulu, and I was reading stories from a site about the Lockheed C-141 Starlifter.  Still, both of us took time out from our beloved computers to watch the commercials.  We also looked each other deep in the eyes and pledged our love to each other.  (OK, I'm joking about that last part.)

It has been a good weekend.  Cora seems to be feeling a little better and I am relaxing.  I went shopping this morning.  I came home with deals!  OK, I came home with canned food.  I also came home with the fixin's for guacamole.  It seems that only in the past year or so, have I become a big fan of the avocado.  I made a mean guacamole!  Tomatoes, caramelized garlic, onion, lime!  Good stuff.

I have been reading from a site dedicated to the C-141 Starlifter.  It is a very intriguing site.  Each aircraft is accounted for and if there are stories that happened on or with that craft, they are there also.  It makes for some really good reading.  I hope the guy makes it into a book.  I'd buy it.  One of the places a Starlifter dropped by was Pago Pago in American Samoa.  there was a picture of the aircraft on the runway.  It looked positively inviting.  I could see a palm tree.  The hills behind looked lush and tropical.  The tarmac looked warm.  I suddenly was overcome with the urge to travel to Pago Pago!

Now we are watching "Undercover Boss."  It looks like it might be a decent show.  I'd like to have seen a few of my bosses at the mill show up to have a finger cut off.  It isn't that millwork is completely dangerous, but there are some inherent dangers.  Sometimes, things happen.  Either way, I am happy to have found myself in the profession I have chosen.

I looked outside and noticed that our beloved Bleeding Hearts are trying to come up already.  We have just been enjoying some weeks in the 40s.  Obviously the bleeding hearts are thinking it's spring...stupid plants!  They have not cognitive abilities!

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