Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baseball Weekend! Err...what's that?

It's a FOOTBALL weekend?  REALLY?

So, I am sure some of you out there are just enjoying the heck out of your tailgate parties.  I know you have been preparing all week for the sweet par-tay that is coming this afternoon.  I know you have been aching for Sunday to come, because it can't come too soon.  I do hope you enjoy yourselves.  But, may I remind you what day follows Sunday?  Yeah, that's right, Monday!

We have no such plans.  No invitations and no party here.  Wouldn't matter if we did.  Cora has had THE most hard hitting cold she has had in quite a long time.  It has totally knocked her on her sweet little kiester.  To say she has been miserable would be a crime of understatement for which one might do hard time.  I have been doing my best to keep her comfortable, but she has had a sore throat that has not gone away!  She has not had the pleasure of tasting my cooking much at all!  She has, instead, sought refuge in ice cream, cough drops, 7up, and cough drops.  But, don't worry, I am taking good care of her and she should be up and at 'em for game time.  (Ok, that's not true, but I just wanted you guys to know I am still taking care of her, feeding and know, letting her outside when she has to go pooh...err, wait, that's wrong, she takes care of herself, mostly.  Still, I'm here to make sure she's ok)

I did get to some house cleaning not the hard stuff.  I did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen a little and did some clothes.  Mostly, though, I also managed to write a blog for my aircraft site.  Which is something of a good thing, since I haven't posted a real accident report for about two months.  If for some reason you feel all crazy and want to read a real story about real men and real aircraft, you can see it here.

I think I will go out and get some minor groceries today and throw in some chips for the sake of the game.  let me see if I remember who's playing.  It's the Horsies and the, that's not right...Bolts and the Paints?  Hmmm, well, who ever is playing, I hope your team wins!

I have a niece or nephew that should be peeking into this world sometime soon.  Yesterday was the due date, but we have not heard anything.  I am certain we will, when it does happen.  Looking forward to seeing you little one.

This coming week I will be teaching 5th graders all week down in the valley.  I have taught this class several times before and for some odd reason, they are fond of me...sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes, not so much.  I just hope I won't be having to teach them calculus or anything hard.  Drawings can only go so far.

I just looked over in the fish tank and saw my maroon clown, Marvin, carrying a piece of gravel out from his adopted area.  It is fun to watch him clean house.  He will nip a piece of offending algae and then move it to the opposite side of the tank, or he will move gravel.  He will come right up to the glass and be in your line of sight, preventing you from clearly seeing other things.  If you put your hand in the tank to move something, he is right there to investigate.  Yesterday, I wasn't paying attention to him and all of a sudden he head butted me.  It didn't hurt, but it sure as heck surprised me!  I splashed some water trying to get my hand away from my unseen attacker, only to see Marvin doing a fishy approximation of chuckles.  It is really fun to see such personality in a fish.

Well, I guess I'd better get dressed for town and grab my list if I want to be back for the pre-game...

Oh, and one final thought:  Happy Birthday Dad!

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Cora said...

I like the horsies and the preachers. Don't care who wins I'll be watching for the commercials.

It is great to have someone to take care of me in my misery.

Love Ya.