Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When We're Tired

It is amazing how we act when we are tired.  You see, I was trying to figure out what to show as a picture for today's post, but I had no pictures.  Cora, bless her heart, volunteered herself as a model!  I don't think she was being serious, though...

I have taught fifth graders so far this week.  I will teach the same kids for the rest of the week.  They were wonderful yesterday, but not so much today.  I was a annoyed by them... greatly.  I was happy to come home.

Not to be outdone in the silly looks department, I showed Cora how it's really done!  HAH!  I work with kids, I know silly looks!

Let's hope tomorrow's better!


Grandma L said...

Thank you for the laugh. I really did laugh outloud. You guys are quite a pair. A pair of what, I don't know.

Cora said...

Oh I am so happy you posted that picture I think it is the best one of me in 2009!