Thursday, February 4, 2010

5 or 205?

As I said, yesterday, I discovered my license was expired.  See above.  Today, I managed to find myself without a sub job.  So, I got a hair cut and went to get my license.

I went online before I left and discovered that the Dept. of Licensing opens at 9:30AM on Thursdays.  Good.  I went to get my hair cut.  I then drove to the DOL...only to remember that they only take cash or debit, so I turned around and went to get cash.  Strike one.  I got to the DOL at about 9:50 only to find the parking lot full.  I walked in...the place was full.  I asked the lady behind the desk if the other DOL on the other sider of town was still was not.  She gave me a number.


That was my number.  I looked up at the numbers on the boards or those being served.  Yeah.  Not a good sign. Those numbers were:




and 009.

My best guess was there were three different lines.  I wasn't sure why there were two 009s, but either way, I could not believe they would make it to 661 anytime soon.  I stood for about 10 minutes, discussing the prospects of being done before lunch with a fellow inmate.  It did not appear hopeful.  

I then remembered something my father had mentioned to me a few years ago.  Something about the Sunnyside DOL being faster.  I made a call to my dad and sure enough, he confirmed my memory.  I shared my information with my fellow inmates, who happened to live on the other side of Sunnyside and it was on their way.  It sounded like they planned on doing what I was.  I began the walk to the door and then heard them announce number 010.  Yep!  Time to leave.

I jumped in my truck and made my semi-legal way down to Sunnyside.  With some trepidation I walked in.  There were all of a dozen people in there with two lines.  The number I took was 014.  The numbers on the boards were 009 and 298.  I figured there was a good chance I would get through!

Sure enough, within 25 minutes I was walking out the door.  So, a half hour drive and a 25 minute wait made me a happy boy.  I had a cup of coffee with my parents and then came home to tend to my poor sick wife.  Seems she got the same bug I had.  With the way the numbers were at the first place I might still be there! 


Grandma L said...

You can also get it renewed online.
Kenny just called me to day and asked if I would print out a copy of the temporary license.(He never has any ink in his printer) The $25 was paid with Visa and it says Thank you your license has been renewed.This is your temporary driver license and it's good for 45 days. Carry it with you until your new license arrives.
They take your word for Everything. Even the eye test is not important, I guess.

Cora said...

Glad you are legal again! Thanks for taking care of me, But I am not going to thank you for bring home this special bug, it sucks!

Looking forward to a queit weekend.

Grandma L said...

Thats the price you have to pay when working with kids(The little germ people).

Anonymous said...

I think you guys need to take Vitamins, and drink OJ. alot of it.
Jim you need to wear rubber gloves around those KIDS. I know when I worked with the customers and money up front at Wal*Mart I was sick all the time with a cold, Its no fun.